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Steroids contribute to a rapid increase in muscle mass, but everything has its price: at the end of the course of anabolics and androgens, the athlete needs to make enormous efforts to restore the body. It is particularly difficult to normalise testosterone production. The hypothalamus-hypiphysis-testicles arc is in a depressed state. How quickly the connections are re-established and strengthened depends on:

  • the look and feel of the athlete after the course;
  • the rate of recovery of strength and muscle mass.

In this case, anti-estrogens are ordered and bought for post-course therapy. One of the most effective among them is considered clomid.

Clomid or clomiphene actively affects the hypothalamus and sex glands. It is very popular in medicine. Women use it to increase the chances of pregnancy, and men – to combat oligospermia.

Features of the effects of clomid

After the end of taking steroids, many athletes try to restore the production of testosterone, taking various supplements, herbs and other means that do not bring the desired result. No wonder, because anabolics plunged the body into a hormonal pit: gonadotropic hormones, which stimulated the production of testosterone, decreased to a minimum and became close to zero.

With the start of clomid consumption, gonadotropic hormones reach their maximum level in the first few days. Testosterone also rises with them, and the level of testosterone is restored within a couple of weeks to the state that was observed before the steroid course.

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1 compressed, mg


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1 packet (3 bulls), 1 tray of 20 compresses


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