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What is clomid?

Clomid is a powerful pharmacological drug from the group of anti-estrogens. Initially, it was used in medicine for the treatment of female infertility. Subsequently, due to its anti-estrogenic properties, the drug found widespread use among professional bodybuilders. Clomid stimulates the production of GnRH (gonadoliberin), testosterone, and also prevents the risk of gynaecomastia (breast growth in men) as a result of excessive fluid accumulation. Meanwhile, fluid retention in the body provokes a sharp jump in blood pressure and also prevents the formation of muscle relief. Clomid successfully solves this problem.

Benefits of using the drug clomid

  • With the help of the drug clomid athletes and bodybuilders can minimise all the undesirable effects of taking anabolics.
  • Clomid is a great option for:
  • Eliminating gynaecomastia (female-type pectoral muscle enlargement).
  • Stimulating the production of luteinising and follicle-stimulating hormones. It is they that contribute to the natural production of testosterone, affecting the production of male hormone in the testicles.
  • Blocking estrogen receptors in the body.
  • Effectively combating the excretion of retained fluid.

Increasing erectile function. Given the serious effect of the drug on the production of sperm in the male testicles, this is especially important for athletes who systematically use anabolics. In this sense, clomid is an indispensable thing.

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