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Clomid (second name Clomiphene) refers to synthetic drugs. To date, it is often used as a means of muscle recovery. If we consider the composition and action of the drug, it can be equated to the female hormone estrogen.

The principle of action of Clomid is that it has the property to establish a connection with the cells of the hypothalamus in order to interfere with the definition of real estrogen. As a result, the ovaries are stimulated and the production of female and male hormones – estrogen and testosterone – begins.

Properties of Clomid

The drug can be prescribed for the purpose of:

  • restoration of the menstrual cycle;
  • eliminate female polycysticism;
  • improve protein synthesis (for athletes as a recovery drug after the main course of treatment);
  • treatment of infertility in men (it helps to improve the quality of sperm and increase the number of spermatozoa).

Everyone can purchase the drug. It is always available in our shop. The form of release of Clomid – tablets. The recommended daily dose is no more than 50 mg.

Use of the drug in bodybuilding

Clomid is used not only by beginners, but also by those who are engaged in bodybuilding at a professional level. It is used for:

  • muscle recovery (the remedy increases the amount of testosterone and estrogen);
  • suppressing the growth of fat folds in the chest area;
  • stimulation of sex hormone synthesis by blocking estrogens.
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