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Clomid is one of the first drugs used in post-course therapy to prevent gynaecomastia and increase the body’s production of natural testosterone levels.
Clomid is an excellent drug for restoring the hormonal system after a course of anabolic steroids, but it has some side effects that manifest themselves with prolonged use of the drug.

Clomid is a brand name for clomiphene citrate and is not an anabolic steroid. In medical practice, the drug is usually prescribed to women for the treatment of infertility. This is due to the fact that the active ingredient of Clomid, clomiphene, has a pronounced ability to stimulate ovulation. This is achieved by blocking/minimising the effect of estrogen in the body.

Clomid in sports

In the practice of sports, Clomid will not be of much use to female athletes.
In men, Clomid enhances the secretion of their own testosterone, which is very important at the end of a steroid course, when the level of natural testosterone drops sharply and its secretion decreases as a result of the well-known tropa reaction to external testosterone.

It goes without saying that if the synthesis of your own testosterone is not restored in a timely manner, a powerful rollback phenomenon will occur. This will lead to significant losses in muscle mass and strength.

This is due to the fact that without the proper amount of testosterone, the catabolic hormone cortisol (catabolic metabolism) begins to dominate, which will eat up most of the muscle gained
Clomid can play an important role in preventing this performance disaster.

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